Introducing BariMate - your Mobile bariatric assistant.

BariMate is the first weight management App written specifically for patients who have had bariatric surgery or are considering it.

The fifteen sub apps will help you to make informed choices about bariatric surgery and keep track of your weight changes and
parameters like BMI and %EWL. You can also use the I phone camera to keep a record of the way your body is changing too.

It has been written by an experienced bariatric surgeon with advice on diet, sleep apnoea and a fill predictor to help you work out if your band needs adjustment.

BariMate is available from Itunes US $7.99, AUD $8.49, UK ₤5.49, Euro €5.99 For: iphone, ipod and ipad


The listings of sites in Support me have been sourced from independent organisations that offer generic support or advice through the web for Bariatric patients. These sites include Commercial agencies, Support groups, and Bariatric organisations which are not aligned to specific bariatric practices. The information within these sites has not been exhaustively vetted and clients must use their own diligence in accepting advice.

Bariatric Support Centres International This is a very large organisation established by Colleen Cook who is herself a successful weight loss patient and has developed several books and programs including a Success Habits book and back on track program.
BOSPA Bospa is a patient run, not for profit organisation, which is a registered charity in the U.K. They provide information on Bariatric services and education and act as a link to support group organisations throughout the British Isles both within the NHS and private sectors.
Bariatric Surgery Source This is a very comprehensive and up to date site with practical information about all aspects of bariatric surgery and financial and insurance issues pertaining to the US. It invites prominent experts in the field to give commentary.
Gastric Sleeve Support An Australian based support forum for Sleeve patients.
Band Buddies An Australian site providing Nutritional products, dietician advice and forums. They have a range of Chewable vitamins and minerals suitable for Band patients. Also a meal replacement program.
Weight Loss Surgery Info This is also a UK based Patient registered charity that Links to support groups throughout the UK. Membership is free and they have forums and advice columns.
Weight Loss Surgery Lifestyles A quarterly Print and online magazine covering Weight loss surgery issues available with yearly or 2 yearly subscriptions.
Obesity Help This is a US site that offers forums for various operations and also an online health tracker that allows you to record your progress and also share results with your Doctor. There is also a review site for medical practioners and bariatric services.
National Association of Weight Loss Surgery This site is also created by a successful Weight loss patient Katie Jay. She has written her own story in “Dying to Change:” They offer Teleseminars, coaching , discussion groups, Newsletters and an online store for WLS products and books.